Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Radical Resources

After celebrating my year anniversary living in Los Angeles, I feel fortunate that I've gathered some acting-biz knowledge that I can pass along. Today's edition -- LA Audition Websites:

LA Casting - The commercial side of the agents' breakdowns, also extra work, student projects, independent shorts and features, etc. This is a great place to start if you are building your online presence.

Actors Access - The theatrical side of the agents' breakdowns. Your profile allows you to submit to listed projects. A must have - and get your reel up there!

CAZT - Check out the CAZT job board for a list of LA auditions. Your profile is also searchable by casting directors, and you have the added benefit. When you audition at CAZT you also have the opportunity to watch your addition and view feedback from the casting director.

Casting Frontier - Build a profile and self-submit for auditions. Post your reel & headshots, plus get your Casting Card that includes your personal actor ID barcode that you can take with you to auditions

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just catching up

It's been a busy few months. Here's a brief catch up:

In March, I signed with a new agency for both theatrical and commercial representation, First Class Talent, and I got a callback for a national commercial through them. I also was signed as a promotional model through Productions Plus and worked as a receptionist at the Porsche World Roadshow in April.

May was a busy month. The trailer to the short film Asshole Robot was released and I'm excited to see the completed version soon. The pilot episode of the webseries Tute Voller Kinder was also released online, and is also being featured in the Hollywood Fringe Festival as the lead-in short to the cinematic feature. Check out the details for its 4 screenings and how to get tickets here.

I was thrilled to land a role in my first American Film Institute (AFI) short Home, directed by Eric Yandoc. I played the role of a young pregnant mother. AFI has a great reputation and history, and I am happy to be making connections there.

Just a few days ago, I played the role of Dale Arden in Flash Gordon as part of the 4th AFTRA Radio Play (ARP) at the Autry National Center. See David August, who played Flash, and me before the show.

I've also been working on marketing myself as effectively as possible. Updating my website, finessing my online casting profiles, attending workshop, screenings and other networking events, have helped continue the branding process, and expand my network of contacts. I'm also working on narrowing down my target list of casting directors that I want to get to know and attempting to streamline and target my brand.

With the goal of getting some new targeted looks in my portfolio, I got some new headshots this month from Bradford Rogne, who is amazing. Here are two of my favs.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

McDonalds? OK!

With the showcase over and pilot season in full-swing, I've been particularly anxious about my lack of auditions. It's my first pilot season in LA, but this period of time feels like perhaps the best chance to make career strides this year. While I'm working hard to submit and network, and am as prepared as I can be for opportunities that do come up, I was beginning to feel discouraged.

Along comes a commercial audition, for McDonald's no less. I had already booked some work for the day, but decided it was worth canceling. This audition is one of the first my commercial agent has sent me out on, and with an office that has seen me once before (perhaps I am now on their radar?!). As with many commercial auds, it was all improv-based and the description of what to do was vague (pretend you are sitting on a crane, enjoying lunch, peaceful, etc.)

I invested in a private session with Killian McHugh of Killian's workshop (http://www.killiansworkshop.com/), voted best commercial workshop by BackStageWest. It was an awesome 60-minute one-on-one that reviewed some nuts and bolts of commercial auditioning and presented some new ideas to me as well. The biggest concepts I took away from our work together were to go after the overall feel of the spot and find a way to make it your own.

So I took the vague suggestions given by the McDonald's casting associate and tried to let myself be my quirky wonderful self. I left feeling ho-hum, not really knowing how I did, and tried, as I always do, to let the audition go and move on with my day.

The audition was on Wednesday. By Friday afternoon, I had all but forgotten about it, entertained throughout the day by out-of-town friends. Then the message came from my agent at just before 5 pm. I was on avail! While this doesn't mean that I've booked it yet, it does mean I'm under consideration and that I did my job.

I'm liking this "just be myself" tone of things these days. It's been a process getting back to this point, and I aim to stay and enjoy it for a bit.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Candles

I'm very proud of this festival short film. An extended version is due to be released later this year!

NO CANDLES -   An official Lost Zombies short film that documents the great acts of horror an heroism that exist at the frayed ends of survival.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

In Search of a Pilot..

I can't be happier that the industry is back up and running again now that the holiday season has passed, and now we jump right into the busiest time of year here....PILOT SEASON!!!!!!  It's my first pilot season in LA, and my first as a full-time actor. I'm all giddy with anticipation.

To prepare, I've just shot new headshots with Bradford Rogne and I'm thrilled with how they turned out. I've taken my time picking my favorites and have taken in lots of opinions, and have finally landed on 3 that I will print for auditions and mailings. And here they are....

Today I rearranged my closet to organize audition outfits and set up a new desk area. Can't you tell I'm just a little excited.  I'm really looking forward to being on stage later this month too in an industry showcase called Six Actors in Search of a Pilot: Come Get Your 10% of This.  It's going to be a fun evening of scene and monologues designed to give agents, casting directors, writers and other interested folk an opportunity to see us work in a variety of genres.

Ok bloggies, I gotta run, but I hope to be back soon with lots of exciting Pilot updates.